This massage is the manipulation of the superficial layer of the muscles against the bone. It relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and removes metabolic waste.


This massage aids in proper blood circulation, which helps our bodies grow and renew. It expels toxins and provides deep relaxation.


This massage involves a unique combination of stretching, acupressure and use of specially selected essential oils. The aromatic oil soothes the senses and nourishes the skin, and the deep stretching helps in making the muscles relaxed and lengthened.


Balinese massage is a full body deep treatment. It uses a combination of acupressure, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy in the body and bring a sense of well-being, calm and relaxation.


Shiatsu literally means ‘finger pressure’. The therapist uses fingers, palms and sometimes even elbows and feet, along with assisted stretching and joint manipulation andmobilization. During the treatment, which is generally carried out with the recipient lying on the floor, a number of meridian stretches are also used to promote the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body.


This fusion of eastern and western massage helps to restore your body’s natural balance. It incorporates neuromuscular techniques on the pressure points with specially selected essential oils.