Paradise Spa - Deep Tissue Massage

Rejuvenate your muscles with deep tissue massage

Do you know that getting a massage can help you to get rid from all the chaos that goes in your mind that you suffer from? Are you aware that some massages can make you get rid of all kinds of body pains? Paradise massage is a place where we offer a huge range of massages to make you relax body, mind and spirit. We are one of the known names in Jaipur when it comes to the best massage services in the city.

Apart from ayurvedic massage, Thai Massage, balinese massage we also provide deep tissue massage. It is a massage that concentrates on the layers of the fascia and layers in the body. There are many doctors who recommend this massage as a treatment for such pains. Deep tissue massage pain includes the use of the finger pressure with firm and slow strokes. This is why this massage is best known for treating many numbers of physical ailments.

If we compare deep tissue massage vs balinese massage then the former massage concentrates on the layers of the muscles but the Sweden massage is for the purpose of increasing blood circulation and improving metabolism. The pressure that is given in both these massages also varies a lot. Though, both the massages are taken as good option for treating various body pains.

Talking about deep tissue massage side effects, there isn’t any such side-effect of this massage. Though, it is necessary that you take this massage from a professional who is experienced. We have dedicated professionals for the deep tissue massage as we understand the issues that one can face if pressed the wrong muscles, the professionals working with us are certified so we take complete responsibility while providing our services.

Deep tissue massage toxins, this massage is also a great option when it comes to flush out the toxins from the body. There are many people who take this massage on regular intervals to get rid of the deadly toxins from the body.

When we talk about deep tissue massage benefits, there are many. Let us have a look at some of them:

Improves blood pressure: Blood pressure is one of the most common problems that many people face and most of the time people also have depression and anxiety along with the changes in the circulation of the blood. The deep tissue massage prove really helpful in increasing Serotonin in the body and this hormone helps in promoting good feelings and happiness, thus the blood pressure also comes under control.

Reduce Pains: This massage proves really effective for people who have any kind of chronic pain in the body and nevertheless it is also very affordable as compared to the other methods of treatments. As the blood flow is increased with this massage, thus the inflammation which is the cause of the pain starts reducing.

Relief from stress: Chronic stress can cause many other issues and tight muscles, headaches and rigid shoulders are some of the common issues that can happen as a side-effect of it. Deep tissue massage proves really effective in treating stress as it relaxes all the body parts and the improvement in the blood flow also relaxes the mind.

Talking about deep tissue massage prices, we, at Paradise Spa provide affordable prices for all the massages. Our main aim is to promote the holistic ways of healing by providing good massages. You can get in touch with us today if you want to feel refreshed and calm. We will certainly offer the best services to you.